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We offer two full days of experiencing the Norwegian nature directly – with your trusted photo camera ready for action.

We have access to two different beautiful and perfectly suited places for eagle photography, where both the Golden Eagle and other eagles frequently pass by, eat and lives their lives.

DAY 1 – Eagle Photography

The first day of your two-day trip will be focused entirely on capturing the best photos possible of the majestic Golden Eagle and other eagles.

DAY 2 – More Eagles, or Other Animals

The second day of the photography tour, however, you will choose whether to continue the eagle photography – this time at the second spot where we set up bate.

Or you can decide to diversify or enrich your experience by choosing the alternative offer, which focuses on capturing magnificent images of other animals living in Valdres. Here we visit feeding places for overwintered animals, e.g. the Siberian jay, the moose, etc.

What You’ll Experience
What To Know Beforehand

Are You Ready?

Not only will you arrive home with hundreds of beautiful photos,
but you’ll be enriched with memories to last you a lifetime.